Alliance Program (2-3 Days)

polaroids_students_groupThe Alliance Program offers families an opportunity to partner with excellent teachers in their children’s education. Providing a flexible family schedule and more time together, the Alliance program is quickly becoming Kuyper’s most popular program option.

Students enrolled in the Alliance Program receive professional instruction on-campus two to three days a week and study at home under the tutelage of their parents the remaining days. Students in grades K-8 will attend class Monday & Wednesday and grades 9-12 will attend Tuesday and Thursday. Arts, athletics and tutorial services are available as electives for an additional charge. Elective classes will be on Fridays.

All new concepts will be taught in the classroom. Study at home reinforces classroom teaching and includes drill and practice for mastery. Daily assignment guides will be provided which include what work was completed in the classroom and what should be done at home.

Home assignments for grades K-5 should be completed in one half day or less of concentrated study time. Grades 6-12 should fill most of the day at home.

Arts and tutorial electives may include Music, Band, Guitar, Drama, Lab Science, PE, Latin and Math Labs, Visual Art, Digital Art, Yearbook and many more. Offerings may vary by grade level.

Interscholastic athletic programs include Fall Football and Volleyball; Winter Basketball. We hope to add Spring Baseball, Softball, Track, Tennis, and Golf, and Swimming.

Before school begins, Kuyper will offer parents orientation, training, and support to ensure a successful educational experience.

Student assesments will be provided on the Kuyper campus, including all in class coursework testing, annual standardized achievement testing, PSAT/SAT and Advanced Placement testing.

Parents conference with the student’s teacher in grades K-5 and an advisor for grades 6-12 to assure progress.


The year includes a fully planned academic calendar with holidays and vacation periods, achievement testing, festivals, artistic performances, athletic competitions and end-of-year events.

Alliance Program students in the sixth grade and above will have access to the study center on a class period basis by appointment for assistance with any aspect of the Kuyper curriculum at the published hourly rate.

Families will be provided online resources, such as teacher documents to support grade specific learning at home; an online library, research engine, dictionary and multimedia collection; online grade books and online assignments.